June 2017

This month’s featured athlete(s) is a set of brothers, Travis and Parker Mokry.

Village Bicycles Bio
By Parker Mokry
7th Grade
Age 13
I started to ride a bike at the age of three, riding more frequently, and without training wheels, at about age six. I would ride mostly on the streets of my neighborhood and the occasional trail. After joining a local interscholastic mountain biking team in July of 2016, I started to learn skill components that my parents could not teach me.
Since then, I have become a stronger, faster, and safer rider. Riding with teammates and the crew at Village Bicycles is more than just an opportunity to practice skills, increase stamina, and have fun. We are also building multi-age friendships with the common denominator of cycling. This past winter, Village Bicycles began coordinating night rides on a local trail. During these rides, the staff and other riders expand my knowledge with more skills to help with performance and endurance.
In my experience, all of the mentors and positive influences in our local cycling community are genuine
people and often have skills or information to offer to make all riders better. Since Village Bicycles is my
local bike shop, I also like to support them by buying their products.
Moving forward, I will continue to ride my mountain bike with the skills and knowledge that I have
learned. I will pass along my knowledge to other people that are interested in mountain biking too.
Mountain biking is like my Appalachian Trail. People walk the AT to find themselves. That’s me on my
-Parker Mokry (9/6/16)
Important Links:
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Travis Mokry
Age 9 (so close to 10!)
4th grade
I mountain bike because it is a fun and challenging hobby that makes me happy. I started riding without training wheels at about seven years old. I moved to a geared bike just one year ago. I ride my bike almost every day to keep my legs strong and limber. When I ride I usually go around the neighborhood or at local trails such as Freedom Park, New Quarter Park, York River State Park, and Lake Maury. I have learned that safety is number one and fun is second! I ride with family, other kids, and coaches including Coach Mike of Colonial Revolution
and Coach Mokry, my dad. I prefer machine made single track deep in the woods with hills, but downhill
is my favorite type of hill. My favorite group ride is the Village Bikes night ride because the other riders encourage and help me to learn by sharing skills and advice. They also cheer me up the hills and over the roots.